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  1. Rankings & Reputation
  2. Popular Subject Areas to Explore
  3. Research Excellence at UL
  4. Cost to Study
  5. Scholarships for International Students

Rankings & Reputation

The University of Limerick (UL) is renowned globally for its commitment to excellence in education and research. Its academic prowess is reflected in its rigorous curriculum and numerous research initiatives, making it a preferred choice for students worldwide.

Global Rankings

  • Top 500 Universities Globally: Ranked in both the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education 2024.
  • 5-Star Rating: The only Irish university to achieve a 5-star rating from the QS Stars rating system in 2023.
  • Top 75 Universities in Europe: Recognized for excellence in Teaching and Learning.
  • Top 200 Universities for Graduate Employability: Ranked in 2022.
  • Triple Crown Accreditation: The Kemmy Business School of UL is among the top 1% of institutions globally accredited by EFMD Global Quality System (EQUIS).

Multicultural Environment

Approximately 20% of UL’s student population consists of international students from over 100 countries, reflecting its diverse and inclusive campus atmosphere.

Popular Subject Areas to Explore

UL offers a broad spectrum of subject areas at various academic levels, catering to the diverse interests and career aspirations of its students. Notably, the English Language and Literature program has recently climbed in the QS World Rankings, demonstrating the university’s commitment to academic excellence.

Subject Areas

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Health Sciences
  • Education
  • English Language and Literature
  • Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Students can explore specific courses and further details on UL’s official website.

Research Excellence at UL

UL is dedicated to building a research-intensive community that addresses global challenges and contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The university focuses on four main research areas: Smart, Healthy, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies.

Research Collaborations

Faculty members collaborate closely with industry partners, government agencies, and international researchers to tackle pressing global issues and explore new knowledge frontiers. The university’s world-class research facilities support innovative studies across various disciplines, including Engineering, Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business.

Notable Research Centers

  • Bernal Institute: Specializes in materials and surface science.
  • Health Research Institute (HRI): Focuses on health and medical research.
  • Centre for Environmental Research: Dedicated to sustainability and environmental studies.

Cost to Study

The cost of studying at UL varies depending on the level of study and specific courses chosen.

Tuition Fees

  • Bachelor’s Degree: €16,900 – €21,000 per annum
  • Master’s Degree: €16,902 – €26,900 per annum

Living Expenses

In addition to tuition fees, students should budget for living expenses, which include accommodation, food, transportation, and personal expenses. The estimated annual living cost for international students is around €10,000 to €12,000.

Scholarships for International Students

UL offers a range of scholarships to help international students manage their educational expenses. These scholarships are designed to recognize academic excellence and provide financial support to deserving candidates.

Popular Scholarships

  • The Michael Hillery and Jacinta O’Brien Athletics Scholarship
    • Value: Benefits equating to over €7,000 in value
  • Jim Kemmy India Scholarship
    • Value: €4,279 per year
  • International (non-EU) Merit-Based Scholarship
    • Value: €2,000 per year
    • Eligibility: For selected faculties

Additional Scholarships

UL provides several partial merit-based scholarships that do not require a separate application. Early application is encouraged to maximize scholarship opportunities.


The University of Limerick stands out as a premier institution offering exceptional educational and research opportunities for international students. With its diverse academic programs, world-class research facilities, and supportive campus environment, UL provides an ideal setting for students to achieve their academic and personal goals.

At KC Overseas Education, we are committed to helping you navigate your study abroad journey. Our expert advisors offer personalized guidance on university selection, application processes, and financial planning, ensuring a smooth transition to studying at UL. Contact our Europe Experts today to turn your dream of studying at the University of Limerick into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the University of Limerick

General Information

  1. Where is the University of Limerick located?
    • The University of Limerick is situated in Limerick, Ireland, on a picturesque campus along the River Shannon.
  2. What is the University of Limerick known for?
    • UL is renowned for its excellence in education and research, diverse academic programs, and vibrant campus life.


  1. What are the admission requirements for international students?
    • Requirements vary by program but generally include academic transcripts, English proficiency tests (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL), a personal statement, and recommendation letters.
  2. How can I apply to the University of Limerick?
    • Applications can be submitted online through the university’s official website. Specific application processes and deadlines vary by program.
  3. Are there specific application deadlines for international students?
    • Yes, deadlines vary by program and intake season. It’s essential to check the university’s official website for the most accurate information.


  1. What are the most popular courses at UL?
    • Popular courses include Engineering, Business, Health Sciences, Education, and English Language and Literature.
  2. Does UL offer postgraduate programs?
    • Yes, UL offers a wide range of postgraduate programs, including master’s and doctoral degrees across various disciplines.
  3. Can international students work while studying?
    • Yes, international students can work part-time during their studies and full-time during scheduled breaks, subject to visa conditions.

Campus Life

  1. What facilities are available on campus?
    • UL offers state-of-the-art facilities, including research labs, libraries, sports complexes, and student accommodation.
  2. Is there on-campus accommodation for international students?
    • Yes, UL provides various on-campus accommodation options, ranging from shared apartments to private rooms.
  3. What extracurricular activities are available at UL?
    • The university offers a range of clubs, societies, and sports teams, catering to diverse interests and promoting a balanced student life.

Financial Information

  1. How much does it cost to study at UL?
    • Tuition fees for undergraduate programs range from €16,900 to €21,000 per annum, while postgraduate programs range from €16,902 to €26,900 per annum. Additional costs include living expenses.
  2. What scholarships are available for international students?
    • UL offers several scholarships, including the Michael Hillery and Jacinta O’Brien Athletics Scholarship, Jim Kemmy India Scholarship, and International (non-EU) Merit-Based Scholarship.
  3. How can I apply for scholarships?
    • Some scholarships require a separate application, while others are automatically considered based on academic merit. Check the university’s website for specific details.

Research and Innovation

  1. What research opportunities are available at UL?
    • UL offers extensive research opportunities across disciplines, with world-class facilities and partnerships with industry and government agencies.
  2. How is UL contributing to global research initiatives?
    • UL focuses on four main research areas: Smart, Healthy, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies, addressing global challenges and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Support Services

  1. What support services are available for international students?
    • UL provides various support services, including academic advising, career counseling, health services, and international student support.
  2. Are there orientation programs for new international students?
    • Yes, UL offers orientation programs to help new international students acclimate to the campus and local community.


  1. What is the student-to-faculty ratio at UL?
    • The student-to-faculty ratio at UL ensures personalized attention and a supportive learning environment.
  2. How can I contact the University of Limerick for more information?
    • Prospective students can contact UL through their official website, email, or by visiting the international office on campus.


The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information presented, the University of Limerick, its affiliates, and KC Overseas Education make no guarantees regarding the content’s accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. This article is not intended to serve as an official source of information from the University of Limerick or its admissions office. Prospective students should verify all details through the university’s official website or direct contact with the institution to ensure they have the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding admissions, programs, costs, scholarships, and other relevant aspects.

Any mention of specific scholarships, tuition fees, or program details is subject to change and should be confirmed with the University of Limerick directly. The university may update its policies, fees, and program offerings without prior notice, and it is the responsibility of prospective students to seek the most current information. Additionally, while the University of Limerick strives to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, individual experiences may vary, and prospective students are encouraged to research and consider all aspects of their potential study abroad experience.

This article is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute legal, financial, or educational advice. Readers are encouraged to consult with appropriate professionals or university representatives for personalized guidance and support related to their specific circumstances and study abroad plans. KC Overseas Education provides advisory services based on available information and expertise, but ultimate decisions and actions taken by prospective students are their responsibility.

By using this article, readers agree to hold harmless the University of Limerick, KC Overseas Education, and the author from any and all liabilities, losses, damages, or claims arising out of or in connection with the use of the information provided herein. This disclaimer applies to all sections of the article, including but not limited to general information, admissions, academics, campus life, financial information, research and innovation, support services, and miscellaneous details.

In conclusion, the University of Limerick offers a multitude of opportunities for international students, fostering an environment of academic excellence, research innovation, and cultural diversity. Prospective students are encouraged to thoroughly research and consider all aspects of their study abroad experience, seek guidance from official university sources, and utilize the support services available through educational consultants like KC Overseas Education to make informed decisions about their future educational endeavors.

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